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About Photo Amico

Hi, I’m Shannon.

I work under the name Photo Amico because I consider myself a friend to artists, designers, and creative makers.

I’m based in Perth, and work with clients across WA and beyond. I specialise in still life and product photography for brands, artists, and creatives. I’ve got a slight addiction to jewellery and ceramics, and I’m so lucky that my work so often puts me in touch with their makers.

My number one thrill in life is to see passionate, original, creative people doing well in their chosen industry. So my goal is not to create standard ecommerce shots, or to make your product blend in with the crowd. It’s to create imagery that will make your ideal customer stop and take notice. YES, she’ll think. This is a brand that gets it.

Sound like what you need in your life? Find out more.

Check out my recent product photography below

On my Instagram feed you’ll find a variety of products (and their makers) that I have photographed in recent times. Hit my Stories to see some of my client work, all neatly arranged for your viewing. This will also give you an idea of my style - it’s vibrant, characterful, and imaginative.

Speaking of imagination, here are some things I’ve done for my clients:

  • Took a Perth map candle all the way to Toronto, to get those homesickness feels. (It was actually meant to go to the literal other side of the world, Bermuda, but we had a damaged passport problem. #improvise)

  • Waded out in to the Swan River, to photograph yogis on paddle boards

  • Staged a high tea complete with delectable desserts, for shoot where we treated jewellery as food

  • Drove 400+ km to hang out in a farm workshop and photograph a boat being built (and out on to the water to photograph it doing boaty things … yeah, I get seasick, but the job is calling!)

So although I have a studio in Perth that’s great for still life shots, I also take photos on location. And I take photos for service businesses, if they’re really cool services. (I mean look at those two on the paddle board, seriously). And I love photographing artists in their studios! The service I provide for each client depends on their individual circumstances, and how involved they’d like to be in the shoot. Here’s how that works. You might also like to visit me on Pinterest to see what’s inspiring me and how I create vision boards.

While you’re here, why not pop through and check me out on Instagram?

I’m photo_amico and I’d love to be friends

Anything else you’d like to know?

Please get in touch, I’m always happy to talk photography, styling, and branding. If you’re looking for DIY tips on photography or brand imagery, you might like to check the blog first, and then drop me a line with your follow ups - I’m here to help.

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For all enquiries, please contact: / 0438 002 056 /

ABN 87 075 845 499