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Hi, I’m Shannon

(and that’s my friend, the Vancouver Aquarium promotional otter… I’m on the left )

I’m a Perth based commercial photographer specialising in characterful, textured product photography and lifestyle imagery.

I serve artists, creatives and businesses of all sizes. What unifies my clients is the belief that their work matters. It’s not flash in the pan, make a quick buck, ride the latest trend, or ‘good enough’.

It’s thoughtful, considered, meaningful, and done in the service of a community that needs what they have to offer.

Sound like you? Click a link below to read more, or let me call you for a chat.


I consider us a team, working together to convey your brand vision to your adoring fans. I choose my clients carefully, and I value the relationship we build together.

I want to get deep in to your brand vision. Your business values. The way you see the world. The kind of world you want to create via the products you make or sell. I urge you to get in touch with me and talk - really talk - about your hopes, fears, and dreams for your business. I want to hear all about it! And I want you to be totally confident when you invest in my services.

Reach me on +61 438 002 056, or by the contact page, or by emailing

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Find me here, @photo_amico