In a stock photo world, choose character and individuality.


Your product photography is as much a part of your branding as your lifestyle imagery. It speaks to your ideal client - but what does it say?

If your imagery lacks imagination and interest (hello again, shadowless white background…), you’re sending an unimaginative, non-interesting message. Why not create product imagery that draws customers in to your world?

navy hat in ute.jpg
tee shirt outdoor shot.jpg

Unique product imagery has another advantage in the social media era: it helps your handmade product stand out.

And in a world of drop-shipping, fake reviews, and copycats, dedicated product photography speaks of professionalism and legitimacy. Yours is not another product chosen from an online catalog and shipped from the other side of the world, sight unseen and customer uncared for.

Your product is carefully created or chosen for your customer, for their unique taste and lifestyle.

My specialty is creating thoughtful, engaging imagery that puts your customer at the forefront.

When we work together, your brand is at the centre of my world. I dive deep to understand what you do, and who you do it for - whether you’re bringing adorable kids swimwear to fashion conscious Mums, or boats and apparel for the boys’ weekend.

I’m very careful with my time and my choice of clients, to make sure each gets the attention they deserve.

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